Looking for answers as User?

1)      Main screen. The main screen is made up of two parts, the tab host and the map.

a.       Tab host consists of 4 tabs, “today,” “sales,” “offers,” “news”, and “favourite posts.

                                                               i.      “Today” tab shows the posts which are valid ONLY for the present day.

                                                             ii.      “Sales” tab shows sales posts from shops according to time of posting

                                                            iii.      “offers” tab shows the offers posts from the shops according to time of posting

                                                           iv.      “news” tab shows news posts from the shops according to post time

                                                             v.      favourite posts” tab shows all posts that the user considers as favorite

b.      Map allows users to find the pins that represent the shops making the posts

                                                               i.      Red pins stand for sales

                                                             ii.      Blue pins stand for offers

                                                            iii.      Black pins stand for news. A user can get directions for individual shops by touch each of the pins.

2)      All shops list contains a list of all shops within the user’s range based on the GPS signal

3)      Favourite shops list and favorite posts- the favorite shop's list consist of all the shops that you prefer shopping at. The list allows you to add or remove shops whenever necessary. It also enables you to get notifications as well as posts directly from shops listed as your favorite. By clicking on the icon found on every post, you can save your favorite posts.

4)      Notifications (available with Ghoast application only). The application allows you to receive push notifications in forms of messages that pop up on the top of the mobile device you are using. It is not necessary to have the application or be using the device for you to receive the notification. The notifications resemble SMS text messages and mobile alerts. They serve to inform you immediately about the posts made by your favorite shops (Shop name, details, and dates).

5)      How Filters and Search work. By searching with any keyword, you can find the “shops” and “posts” you want to know more about. Use of filters will enable you quickly find particular posts in tab host as well as see the location of the shop on the map. There are three different filters meant to help you in adjusting what you are looking for: “range bar,” “select categories,” and “select dates.”

a.       “range bar” allows you to set the range around the GPS signal of your device that you want to find posts

b.      “select categories” allows you to choose a range of eleven fashion categories and find your intended posts

c.       “select dates” allows you to choose preferred dates and find valid posts for those dates

6)      Set your setting (available in Ghoast application only). It allows you to turn on and off notifications, sounds and vibrations.

Looking for answers as Shopkeeper?

1)      What is Ghoast philosophy? Ghoast’s philosophy is to enable shops to post their offers, sales, or news, and users can easily use the website or app to find them.

2)      Registration- the shop registration button enables you the shopkeeper to register.

a.       First, you create a profile as a user which involves setting your credentials like email, password, and profile photo.

b.      Next, you can register your first shop by entering the details required in the registration form like the name of the shop, its address, its email, the phone number, Facebook address, shop website, the days it's open, working hours, and the brands sold in your shop.

c.       After you have registered your first shop and log in, there is an option to add more shops or remove the existing ones if necessary.

3)      Membership plans- we offer a variety of four membership plans for our clients. Individual plans have offers of some posts for specific prices. The posts can be used by members to publish their offers, sales, or news anytime. The posts have no expiry dates. Members have an option of buying new plans when the posts are finished.

4)      How to add a post

a.       Select the kind of post you want to add. There are three options;

                                                               i.      “sales” which are for percentage discount only (e.g., up to 50% 0ff)

                                                             ii.      “offers” for different offer like buy two take one for free

                                                            iii.      “News” lets the uses know news about your company like new arrivals, cocktail parties, and stock clearance.

b.      Select the dates your post will be valid

c.       Select the percentage (sales) or put your headline like “news.

d.      In 150 words, describe your post as good as you can for users to understand it

e.      Select the category.

f.        Select your shop…then post it!!!

5)      Delete your post- it can be done anytime you want, but you will not earn the postback.

6)      Editing your post- it is possible to edit your post although there are some restrictions. You are ONLY able to edit: percentage or headline, category selection, and description. YOU CANNOT CHANGE DATES AND SHOP SELECTION AFTER POSTING.

7)      Add and edit your shops. You can edit or add as many shops as you want after login.